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Great House Hunting Tips!


Dave Ramsey just posted a great article about house hunting tips for couples. The article stresses a pre-planning strategy and discussion of your mutual goals. It also states the importance of using a Real Estate Professional. Sometimes buying a home, especially when planning a family, can be emotional. Let me help you navigate the business aspect of it and help you make the most of your money. House hunting can be fun, and I look forward to helping you find the perfect place. 

A recent article by the Kansas City Star states that "In fact, 85 percent of...Millennial buyers felt that a home purchase was a solid financial decision." With that in mind, I will be happy to help you acheive your goals! 



Winter Tips


Curling up by the fireplace is part of any picturesque winter scene, but only if your chimney and fireplace are in tiptop shape. To keep the cozy fires going safely all winter long, start thinking about your fireplace now with these maintenance tips. First, make sure to schedule a yearly chimney sweep and inspection. Its best to hire a professional certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Check
www.csia.org for a searchable list of professionals in your area. The pros will help remove creosote, a byproduct of burning wood that can cause chimney fires, as well as check for leaks or damages that might have occurred during the dormant summer months. After the sweep, repairs may be necessary. Common issues might include odors, water leaks and damages from animals that might have been calling your chimney home. A simple chimney cap ($50 or more, depending on materials and size) or screen can prevent unwanted critters and protect your chimney from damaging elements. In between checkups, consider cleaning the firebox (where the wood burns) at least once a week when the fireplace is in use to prevent ash buildup. Use a wet or dry vacuum with a disposable bag, but make sure the ashes cool for at least four days after a recent use to avoid any live sparks in the vacuum bag.

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